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M. Wimmer, A. Schauerhuber, M. Strommer, J. Flandorfer, G. Kappel:
"How Web 2.0 can leverage Model Engineering in Practice";
Talk: DSML'08, Workshop co-located with Modellierung 2008, Berlin, Deutschland; 03-14-2008; in: "DSML'08 Workshop @ Modellierung'08", W. Reisig et al. (ed.); Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Informatik-Bericht Nr. 221 (2008), ISSN: 0863-095x; 31 - 44.

English abstract:
Today's online model repositories offer to download and view the
textual specifications of e.g. metamodels and models in the
browser. For users, in order to efficiently search a model
repository, a graphical visualization of the stored models is
desirable. First attempts that automatically generate class
diagrams as bitmaps, however, do not scale for large models and
fail to present all information. In this paper, we present our Web
2.0 MetaModelbrowser, a model visualization service which provides
an Ajax-based tree-viewer for efficiently browsing Ecore-based
metamodels and their models. As a main contribution of this work
the MetaModelbrowser is complementary to existing model
repositories in that its visualization service can be integrated
into them. The MetaModelbrowser, furthermore, allows zooming in
and out of the details of arbitrarily sized models as necessary.
Furthermore, we have done some case studies on the one hand how to
extend the MetaModelbrowser, e.g., for creation, update, and
deletion of model elements as well as supporting model weaving,
and on the other hand how to incorporate the MetaModelbrowser in
current versioning systems.

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ModelCVS: Eine semantische Infrastruktur für modellbasierte Toolintegration

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