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T. Wilson:
"Baud Rate Symbol Timing Synchronization for 8-VSB ATSC DTV Receivers";
Talk: ISCE 2007, Dallas, TExas, USA; 2007-06-20 - 2007-06-23; in: "The 11th Annual IEEE International Symposium on Consumer Electronics", IEEE, (2007).

English abstract:
A timing recovery system for ATSC standard
HDTV receivers is presented. The proposed solution operates
at baud rate, thereby enabling use of a symbol-spaced channel
equalizer and simplifying the demodulator architecture. The
selection of a Farrow interpolator further lowers the design
A Mueller and Muller timing error detector is used in nondata-
aided (NDA) mode, and timing recovery is therefore not
restricted to training sequences. This leads to favorable
control characteristics, obviates the need for a training
sequence detector and reduces the lock-in time.
The design utilizes components with non-ideal characteristics,
and yet satisfies the performance requirements at a low
implementation and operational cost.

ATSC, Digital Television (DTV), timing recovery, Mueller and Muller algorithm, interpolation, Farrow filter, pulse amplitude modulation (PAM)

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