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T. Wilson:
"Low-Complexity Linear-Feedback Equalization for ATSC DTV";
Talk: International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE), LasVegas, USA; 2008-01-09 - 2008-01-13; in: "2008 Digest of Technical Papers International Conference on Consumer Electronics", IEEE, (2008), ISBN: 1-4244-1459-8.

English abstract:
This paper presents simulation results of a linear
feedback equalizer (LFE) for use in Advanced Television Systems
Committee digital television receivers. Superior perceived
performance compared with a decision feedback equalizer is
observed under realistic reception conditions.
A low-complexity implementation of the LFE is proposed: a
novel hard-limited stop-and-go algorithm generates the error
signal used for Feintuch coefficient updates. Favorable
performance characteristics are confirmed through simulations.

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