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Sh. Bohner, D. Gracanin, T. Henry, K. Matkovic:
"Evolutional Insights from UML and Source Code Versions using Information Visualization and Visual Analysis";
Talk: VisSoft, Banff, Canada; 2007-06-25 - 2007-06-26; in: "Proceedings of 4th IEEE International Workshop on Visualizing Software for Understanding and Analysis", (2007).

English abstract:
Risks associated with producing todays software applications are increasingly linked with size and complexity - just too many aspects of software to fit in the head of even the most talented software engineer. Understanding software entails more than browsing the source code or reviewing the models in the other software artifacts. We use information visualization and visual analysis techniques to parse data sets generated from UML and Java SDK source code versions to examine patterns. This visual perspective provides relevant insights and additional navigation opportunities for software engineers during development and maintenance activities.

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