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M. Strommer, M. Wimmer:
"A Framework for Model Transformation By-Example: Concepts and Tool Support";
Talk: 46th International Conference on Objects, Components, Models and Patterns (TOOLS-EUROPE 2008), Zürich; 2008-06-30 - 2008-07-04; in: "Objects, Components, Models and Patterns (TOOLS-EUROPE 2008)", B. Meyer, R. Paige (ed.); Springer, LNBIP 11 (2008), ISSN: 1865-1348; 372 - 391.

English abstract:
Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) is on its way to become the new
software development paradigm, where model transformations are considered as key technology. Several model transformation approaches and languages have been developed in the past years. Most of these approaches are metamodel-based and therefore require knowledge of implementation details of the modeling languages, which in contrast are not necessary for defining domain models in concrete syntax. Therefore, Model Transformation By-Example (MTBE) approaches for defining inter-model mappings, that represent semantic correspondences
between concrete domain models, have been proposed. However,
until today no tool support for MTBE has been developed.

The contribution of this paper is the presentation of MTBE
concepts, which are necessary to derive general model transformations
based on the metamodels from mappings between example models. More
specifically, we describe a model and a metamodel mapping
language, as well as reasoning algorithms to infer metamodel
mappings from model mappings. Furthermore, we report on how these
MTBE concepts have been integrated into existing state-of-the-art
graphical modeling and model transformation frameworks.

model transformation, GMF, mapping language, concrete syntax

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Project Head Gerti Kappel:
ModelCVS: Eine semantische Infrastruktur für modellbasierte Toolintegration

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