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P. Brosch:
"A Service Oriented Approach to Traffic Dependent Navigation Systems";
Vortrag: 2008 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA; 06.07.2008 - 11.07.2008; in: "2008 IEEE Congress on Services 2008 - Part 1", IEEE Computer Society, (2008), ISBN: 978-0-7695-3286-8; S. 269 - 272.

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Navigation systems play an important role in planning of routes for transportation and individual traffic. The calculated routes are not always optimal, because routing relies on static speeds for different road types and on outdated and error prone Traffic Message Channel (TMC) data which do not reflect current traffic situations. This leads to the effect, that vehicles are directed to "preferred" routes for at least some time resulting in traffic jam on these routes. In or
der to overcome the suboptimal solution, floating car data (FCD) reflecting the real time traffic has to be integrated in the calculation. In this paper we present an architecture for real time traffic dependent navigation systems that is based on a service oriented approach. This architecture considers mediation of real time traffic input, data preprocessing ensuring correct and reliable traffic data, and service provisioning. We discuss the challenges in each of these areas.

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