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D. Stanczyk, R. Blab:
"Test Europeen de Systemes de Pesage en Marche - Continental Motorway Test";
in: "Third International Conference on Weigh-In-Motion", B. Jacob, E. O´Brian (Hrg.); Proceedings of the 3rd Intern. WIM Conference, 2002, S. 26 - 38.

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This paper presents the CMT 2 (Continental Motorway Test, phase II) realised by the LCPC and the CETE del'Est. Its duration was about 21 month, it began in October 1998 and ended in August 2000. The test took place at L'Obrion on the motorway A31 between Metz and Nancy in the north-east of France. It allowed to check the performance of 7 different Weigh-In-Motion systems. It follows the CMT 1 organised under the responsibility of the COST 323 Management Committee. The CMT 1 test lasted 17 months from March 1997 to July 1998. The CMT 2 allowed to test the same systems as after some manufacturer improved the measurement techniques of their systems as a result of the findings in CMT 1.

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