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R. Blab:
"Rutting Performance Prediction by Means of a 3D Viscoelastic Pavement Model";
in: "Modelling of Flexible Pavements", J. Piau, P. Hornych (Hrg.); herausgegeben von: BCRA 2002, 6th International Conference on the Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields; Proceeding, Lissabon, Portugal, 2002, (eingeladen), S. 115 - 122.

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Asphalts exhibit highly complex behavior depending on temperature and loading. Substantial variations may occur in particular with regard to volume changes, i.e. resistance to mechanical compression from all sides and shear deformation, particularly at high temperatures. The resent research results concerning the mechanisms underlying the development of permanent deformation (rutting) in flexible pavements will be discussed.

A 3-dimensional FE model of a road pavement is presented, in which the temperature- and load-dependent performance of flexible pavements is characterized by a generalized Maxwell model and improved loading assumptions are used based on measurements of tire-road contact stresses. A method has been developed that permits the derivation of the required viscoelastic model parameters from dynamic shear tests. The model was evaluated using simulation calculations for a specific test structure on which rutting tests had been performed with a Heavy Vehicle Simulator (HVS). This evaluation demonstrated good agreement between the deformations predicted by the theoretical model and the deformations actually measured.

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