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R. Heuer, F. Ziegler:
"Thermoelastic stability of layered shallow shells";
Talk: 14th U.S. National Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Blacksburg, VA, USA (invited); 2002-06-23 - 2002-06-28.

English abstract:
The phenomena associated with thermal snap-through and snap-buckling of symmetrically layered shallow shells of polygonal planform are studied by means of a two-degree-of-freedom model derived from a Ritz-Galerkin approximation. The composite structure is homogenized considering perfect bond and the kinematic assumptions of the first order shear deformation theory. The simply supported shell edges are assumed to be prevented from in-plane motions. The geometrically nonlinear, quasi-static equilibrium conditions are derived according to the von Kármán-Tsien theory and simplified by the Berger-approximation. A unifying non dimensional formulation of the elastic stability analysis is presented that turns out to be independent of the special polygonal planform of the simply supported shallow shell.

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