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D. Adam:
"Ground vibrations interacting with structures caused by construction processes in urban areas. ";
Vortrag: Soil Structure Interaction in Urban Civil Engineering, Zürich; 07.03.2002 - 08.03.2002; in: "Soil Structure Interaction in Urban Civil Engineering", ???, Volume 1 (2002), ISBN: 3-00-009169-6; S. 151 - 158.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Ground vibrations interacting with structures and buildings caused by construction processes in urban areas are described in this paper. Various construction methods in ground and foundation engineering are based on dynamic processes like compaction with dynamically excited rollers, deep vibratory compaction methods, driving sheet pile walls, drive piles and beams for pit boards etc. Furthermore, ground exploration can be carried out with dynamic methods which use the dynamic reaction of soil and/or soil structure interaction to achieve data about soil properties, soil stratification and water tables. Fundamentals of soil dynamics and different kinds of dynamic loads in connection with interacting effects on structures are described. Both physical modeling of dynamic processes and in-situ measuring are specified. Moreover, limits of application of theoretical simulation in order to predict dynamic behavior of soil-structure systems and measurements are discussed. Standards dealing with structural vibrations and maximum allowed values and case histories involving measures to minimize vibrations are presented.

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