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H. Brandl, D. Adam:
"Roller-Integrated Continuous Compaction Control of Soils ";
in: "Jubilee Scientific Conference, Proceedings", herausgegeben von: University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia; Eigenverlag, Sofia, 2002, S. 281 - 290.

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Continuous compaction control (CCC) carried out with vibratory rollers is presented in this paper. CCC is a new method in order to check stiffness and density properties of soils continuously all over the compacted area during the compaction process with rollers. The CCC-method is based on the measurement of the dynamic interaction between a vibratory roller drum and the soil. A comprehensive research project consisting of computer simulations, large-scale field tests, site investigations, and comparisons with common tests have given a physical insight into the processes occuring during the use of CCC-techniques. Furthermore, the analyses have disclosed that the application of CCC does not only improve the quality assurance but facilitates also an optimisation of the compaction equipment and course.

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