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D. Adam, M. Bouazza, J.G Zornberg:
"Geosynthetics in waste containment facilities: recent advances ";
Vortrag: Seventh international Conference on Geosynthetics, Nizza; 22.09.2002 - 27.09.2002; in: "Geosynthetics - State of the Art, Recent Developments", Vol. 2 (2002), ISBN: 9058095231; S. 445 - 507.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Geosynthetics are widely used in waste containment facilities, as these facilities have used literally all types of geosynthetics in all identified functions (e.g., filtration, reinforcement, etc.). The inclusion of geosynthetic components is likely to expand as manufacturers develop new and improved materials and as engineers/designers develop new analysis routines for new applications. This paper focuses on specific advances involving the use of geosynthetics in the different components of waste containment facilities. In particular, this paper addresses recent advances involving the use of geosynthetics in bottom liner systems (e.g. geosynthetic clay liners, service life of geomembranes), cover systems (e.g. reinforced cover systems, exposed geomembrane covers), side slope lining systems (e.g., interface stability, steep sided walls), liquid collection systems (e.g., determination of the maximum liquid thickness, design of double slope layers), cut-off wall systems (e.g. interlocks and geomembrane performance) and remediation work (e.g. prefabricated vertical drains for methane extraction and soil flushing). Recent case histories are also provided to document the implementation of these advances in engineering practice.

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