J. Eberhardsteiner, G. Hofstetter, G. Meschke, P. Mackenzie-Helnwein:
"Coupled Material Modelling and Multifield Structural Analyses in Civil Engineering";
Engineering Computations, 20 (2003), 5/6; S. 524 - 558.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In the paper three research topics currently carried on by (former) co-workers of Prof. Mang are presented. They refer to different aspects of multifield problems in civil engineering. The first example deals with long term behavior of wood under multiaxial states of stress and the effect of moisture changes on the deformation behavior of wood. The second example refers to the application of a three-phase model for soils to the numerical simulation of dewatering of soils by means of compressed air. The soil is modelled as a three phase material, consisting of the deformable soil skeleton and the fluid phases water and compressed air. The third example is concerned with computational durability mechanics of concrete structures. As a particular example of chemically corrosive mechanisms the material degradation due to the dissolution of calcium and external loading is addressed.

Keywords: wood, concrete, coupled problem, multifield, tunnel

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