Contributions to Books:

G. Meschke, H.A. Mang, T. Huemer:
"Inelastic Material Modelling of Concrete and Computer-Aided Retrofitting of a Damaged RC Shell";
in: "Aspects in Modern Computational Structural Analysis", K. Meskouris, U. Wittek (ed.); Balkema, Rotterdam, 1997, 231 - 245.

English abstract:
This paper evaluates different concepts for modelling of the anisotropic fracture mechanism of reinforced concrete (RC) in the context of finite element analyses of RC shell structures. In addition to the classical fixed-crack model anisotropic elasto-plastic-damage formulations are investigated from a theoretical and computational point of view. The relevance of sufficiently realistic computational modelling of concrete for the retrofitting design of a cracked cooling tower shell is demonstrated.

Keywords: concrete, FEM, retrofitting, damage, temperature, corrosion, softening, cooling tower, damaged RC shell

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