G. Meschke, T. Huemer, H.A. Mang:
"Computer-Aided Retrofitting of a Damaged RC Cooling Tower Shell";
Journal of Structural Engineering, 125 (1999), 3; S. 328 - 337.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The role of numerical simulations in the design of the repair of damaged reinforced concrete structures is illustrated in the contex tower built in 1963. Nonlinear material behavior of concrete and steel and the state of damage including the nonsymmetric spatial distribution of the cracks and the corrosion of the reinforcement at the end of the anticipated lifetime of the structure in the year 2018 is accounted for in the computational model based on the finite element method. Two alternatives for the repair of the shell by means of stiffening rings are simulated numerically. The optimum location of the stiffening rings is determined by means of comparative numerical analyses. The effect of the strengthening of the cornice on the structural behavior and on the structural safety of the shell is investigated.

Keywords: FEM, retrofitting, damage, temperature, corrosion, RC, @cooling tower

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