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G. Meschke, C. Kropik, H.A. Mang:
"Numerical Analyses of Tunnel Linings by Means of a Viscoplastic Material Model for Shotcrete";
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 39 (1996), 18; 3145 - 3162.

English abstract:
This paper is concerned with the parameter identification, verification and selected applications of a 3D viscoplastic material model for shotcrete proposed by Meschke. The performance of the shotcrete model is evaluated by means of reanalyses of short-term and creep tests on shotcrete specimen. The most essential items of a viscoplastic cap model used for the representation of soil including the determination of the model parameters are also presented. Both models are employed in a 3D finite element simulation of the excavation of a single-track tunnel driven according to the New Austrian Tunnelling Method. Comparisons between in situ measurements and numerical results are presented.

Keywords: FEM, tunnel, soil, shotcrete, linings, viscoplastic, parameter, creep

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