J. Eberhardsteiner:
"Biaxial Testing of Orthotropic Materials Using Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry";
Measurement, 16 (1995), S. 139 - 148.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In the scope of a research program material properties of wood under biaxial stress conditions have to be examined. Therefore, a new biaxial hydraulic testing machine for orthotropic materials was developed. For measuring the spatial displacement field at the surface of the cruciform wooden specimen a 3D electronic speckle pattern interferometer was adapted to the testing machine. The specimen were loaded displacement-controlled in up to 70 single steps and at each step three interferograms were taken. In order to avoid time-dependent deformations the cycle time was reduced to less than 15 seconds. The basic consideration of the testing machine and of the measurement system are described in this paper. An example of application is given.

Keywords: 3D, wood, espi, speckle pattern interferometer

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