Contributions to Proceedings:

Ch. Hellmich, F.-J Ulm, H.A. Mang:
"Elucidation of the Soil-Shotcrete Interaction Problem Govering the NATM, Based on Visco- and Chemoplastic Material Laws";
in: "Proceedings of the EURO-C 1998 Conference on Computational Modelling of Concrete Structures", R. de Borst, N. Bicanic, H.A. Mang, G. Meschke (ed.); Balkema, Rotterdam, 1998, 855 - 865.

English abstract:
The soil-shotcrete interaction problem govering the New Austrian Tunnelling Method (NATM) is investigated numerically. Viscoplastic and chemoplastic material laws are used for soil and shotcrete, respectively. In particular, the influence of chemomechanical couplings (on the material level) in the load-carrying behavior of the tunnel lining (on the structural level) is studied. The nature of the interaction problem is elucidated by means of a single dimensionless parameter, containing essential information about the hydration process of the shotcrete and the creep process of the soil.

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