Contributions to Proceedings:

H.A. Mang, J. Eberhardsteiner, H. Walter:
"On a Nonlocal Strength Criterion for Concrete and its Application to Ultimate Load Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Shells by the Finite Element Method";
in: "Proceedings of the IUTAM-Symposium on Inelastic Behavior of Plates and Shells", L. Bevilacqua, R. Feijóo, R. Valid (ed.); Springer, Berlin, 1985, 453 - 472.

English abstract:
A change of the mechanical state of a point of a body such as the transition of the material from the elastic to the plastic state or the initiation of a crack usually also depends on the mechanical states of points in the neighborhood of the considered point. This is referred to as a "nonlocal dependence". As a first approximation of this unprecise notion, the dependence of the change of the mechanical state of the point on the spatial gradients of local strains and stresses may be determined. The aim of this paper is to report on a nonlocal biaxial strength criterion for concrete and on its application to ultimate load analysis of reinforced concrete (RC) shells by the finite element method (FEM). It is based on the assumption that the biaxial strength of concrete increases with increasing gradient of the strain energy density in the considered point of the shell. In the numerical study it is shown that the influence of the nonlocal character of the proposed biaxial strength criterion on the global response of two different RC shells is rather small.

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