H. Millesi, R. Reihsner, G. Hamilton, R. Mallinger, E.J. Menzel:
"Biomechanical properties of normal tendons, normal palmar aponeuroses and palmar aponeuroses from patients with Dupuytren's disease subjected to elastase and chondroitinase treatment";
Connective Tissue Research, 31 (1995), S. 109 - 115.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Normal tendons, normal palmar aponeuroses and specimens from patients with Dupuytren's disease, namely apparently normal palmar aponeuroses and contracture bands were subjected to elastase and chondroitinase ABC digestion. Maximum Young's modulus, normalized hysteresis loop and residual elongation were determined before normal palmar aponeuroses both normalized hysteresis and residual elongation increased significantly after elastase treatment, whereas the stiffness decreased. Normalized hysteresis loop and reidual elongation display changes corresponding to the amount of digested elastin. The increased viscosity of untreated contracture bands containing less elastin, as compared to normal palmar aponeurosis, was not affected by elastase. Obviously, the elastic fibers in normal shape and distribution are responsible for maintaining an elastic status with a low viscous stress component. With the exception of contracture bands chondroitinase ABC caused a minor increase of residual elongation and as opposed to elastase a decrease of normalized hysteresis loop indicating an increased mobility of the tissue fibers.

Keywords: biomechanic, elastase, Dupuytren's disease, palmar aponeuriosis, chondroitinase ABC

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