R. Reihsner, R. Beer:
"Elastizität menschlicher Haut bei zweidimensionaler Beanspruchung";
ÖIAZ - Österreichische Ingenieur- und Architektenzeitschrift, 9 (1995), S. 299 - 303.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The elastic properties of samples of human skin originating from 16 anatomical sites were examined after separating the viscous contribution of stresses. In order to investigate the twodimensional mechanical behavior a testing equipment consisting of six loading axes was developed. Immediately after excision of the sample is original circular shape shrinked forming an ellipse. The in vivo stresses were determined by restoring the original configuration by the applicationof adequate strains with the spindle drives of the testing device. The degree of mechanical anisotropy expressed as difference between the principal stresses was most pronounced at patella and abdomen. The elastic coefficients were studied using incremental strains and stresses due to the nonlinearity of biomechanical behavior. Hence, they were found to be a function of the reference strain. With the in vivo configuration as reference samples characterized by low in vivo stresses showed othogonal anisotropic bahavior. In contrast, oter anatomical sites exhibit a general anisotropy.

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