H.A. Mang, C.V.G. Vallabhan, J.H. Smith:
"Finite Element Analysis of Doubly Corrugated Shells";
Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Journal of the Structural Division, 102 (1976), S. 2033 - 2051.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The writer's purpose is to report on the development of an improved method of finite element analysis for cylindrical doubly corrugated shell structures used as warehouses, protective shelters for aircraft, etc. The basic structural components of the shells considered in this paper are doubly corrugated steel panels (Feig. 1) fabricated of thin sheet steel that is first deformed into somewhat of a U-shape 14 in. (358 mm) deep - the big corrugation. Then, to obtain the proper caurvature, small corrugations are rolled into the bottom and into the sides of the big corrugation. Several panels are bolted together to form an arch-rib. Thereafter, the individual arch-ribs are bolted together to form the actual shell.

The proposed method of analysis considers the geometry of the big corrugations of the shells, which is believed to be a new approach. The advantage of this method over previously used ones is the possibility of determining deformations of the cross sections of the panels. knwoledge of these deformations is a necessary prerequisite for the study of loacal effects, such as local instabilites.

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