Publications in Scientific Journals:

C. Unger, H.A. Mang:
"Zum Spannungs- und Stabilitätsproblem von Kesselböden unter Innendruck";
Der Stahlbau, 49 (1980), 373 - 379.

English abstract:
When subjected to internal pressure, the toroidal part of a torisperical pressure vessel head experiences compressive stresses which may lead to buckling characterized my foramtion of a large amount of circumferential wrinkles. In the present work it is shown that the aformentioned compressive stresses will decrease of continuity of meridional curvature at both ends of the transition portion between the cylindrical vessel and the sperical part of the pressure vessel head is established and if the curvature of the generatrix of the transition portion. In the given case, continuity of meridional curvature is accomplished by means of a transition portion, the generatrix of which is described by a so-called hyperosculatory polynomial. The finite element method is used as a vehicle for conducting the numerical investigation, consisting of stress and stability analyses.

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