Publications in Scientific Journals:

H. Flögl, H.A. Mang:
"Zum Einfluß der Verschiebungsabhängigkeit ungleichförmigen hydrostatischen Drucks auf das Ausbeulen von Schalen allgemeiner Form";
Ingenieur-Archiv, 50 (1981), 15 - 30.

English abstract:
If the dependence of hydrostatic pressure on the displacements is disregarded, buckling pressures of shells may be overestimated. If, on the other hand, the true character of the load as a "follower-load" is considered, then, within the framework of the Finite Element Method, thequestion of symmetricability of the unsymmetric pressure stiffness matrix arises. In the present work, this question which is of practical importance is answered affirmatively. Following presentation of theoretical developments, a detailed numerical investigation is performed which consists of a comparison of buckling pressures for arches and shells under hydrostatic pressure and corresponding displacement-independent load. It is seen that the degree of decrease in buckling pressure in case of consideration of the dependence of hydrostatic pressure on the displacements is strongly problem-dependent.

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