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G. Hofstetter, H. Walter, H.A. Mang:
"Finite-Elemente Berechnungen von Flächentragwerken aus Spannbeton unter Berücksichtigung von Langzeitverformungen und Zustand II";
Der Bauingenieur, 64 (1989), 449 - 461.

English abstract:
This paper reports on the mechanical and algorithmic fundamentals of the extension of a computer program. The program for structural analysis of panels, slabs and shells made of reinforced concrete, considering also fracture of concrete, is based on the finite element method, and extended to surface structures made of prestressed concrete accounting as well for long-time deformations. In particular, the procedure for the automatic determination of forces exerted by the (in general, spartially curved) tendons on the concrete, and their changes due to time-independent as well as time-dependent causes is explained. The capacity of the program is demonstrated through two examples.

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