Contributions to Proceedings:

Z.S. Chen, G. Hofstetter, Z.K. Li, H.A. Mang, P. Torzicky:
"Coupling of FE- and BE- Discretizations for 3D-Stress Analysis of Tunnels in Layered Anisotropic Rock";
in: "Proceedings of the IUTAM/IACM Symposium on Discretization Methods in Structural Mechanics", Springer, Berlin, 1990, 427 - 436.

English abstract:
After introducing the method developed for the couling of finite element (FE) and boundary element (BE) discretizations of subregions of solids, comments on the inadmissibility of symmetrizing the resulting coupling stiffness matrix and on the solution of the edge problem within the framework of the BEM are made. Somigliana's identity is used to obtain BE discretizations of subregions of solids. It contains results from the fundamental solution for a transversely isoptropic material. After describing the mode of consideration of layers of rock in the context of the BEM, selected results from 3D stress analysis of a stretch of a tunnel in layered, anisotropic rock are presented, considering sequences of driving and securing of the tunnel. Finallye, the BEM is applied to obtain a 3D solution of the problem of lowering the ground water table by menas of compressed air which plays an important role as a dewatering measure in modern tunnelling.

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