Contributions to Proceedings:

Z.K. Li, H.A. Mang, G. Hofstetter:
"3D-Transversely Isotropic BEM Including Body Force Boundary Integration";
in: "Computational Mechanics '91, Theory and Applications - Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Engineering Science", S.N. Atluri, D.E. Beskos, R. Jones, G. Yagawa (ed.); ICES Publications, Atlanta, USA, 1991, 612 - 617.

English abstract:
Especially for geotechnical problems in many cases both the anisotropic behavior of the soil or rock and graviational forces have to be taken into account. In this paper a direct boundary element method (BEM) for an important special case of anisotropic material behavior, namerly transverse isotropy, is presented. Domain integrals, caused by body forces, are converted to boundary integrals. Therefore, only the boundary of the domain, being investigated, has to be discretized. Thus, one of the main advantages of the BEM is preserved. A numerical example, which allows a comparison with the respective analytical solution demonstrates the validity of the developed BEM.

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