Contributions to Proceedings:

C.H. Liu, G. Hofstetter, H.A. Mang:
"Evaluation of 3D FE-Formulations for Incompressible Hyperelastic Materials at Finite Strains";
in: "Numerical Methods in Engineering '92 - Proceedings of the First European Conference on Numerical Methods in Engineering", Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, 1992, 757 - 764.

English abstract:
A comparison of three different methods to overcome numerical problems, encountered with displacement-based finite element formulations for nearly incompressible behavior of rubber-like materials at finite strains is presented. The Lagrange multiplier method as a means to enforce the incompressibility constraint is reviewed briefly and a penalty type formulation with slective numerical integration and hybrid finite elements based on a three-field variational prinicple are proposed for three-dimensional numerical analysis of hyperelastic rubber-like materials. In the numerical study these formulations are evaluated and compared with numerical results, available in the literature.

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