Contributions to Proceedings:

G. Hofstetter, H.A. Mang:
"Work-Equivalent Node Forces from Prestress of Concrete Shells";
in: "Finite Element Methods for Plate and Shell Structures Vol. 2: Formulations and Algorithms", Pineridge Press, Swansea, UK, 1986, 312 - 347.

English abstract:
This paper refers to finite element analysis of prestressed concrete shells where the tendons are not restricted to the edge beams. The method proposed for determination of work-equivalent node forces from prestress is charcterized by the analytical representation of the middle surface of the shell and of the course of the axes of the tendons which be be eccentric relative to the middle surface. Its efficiency follows from automatic determination of the numbers of all elements passed through by a tendon and of the coordinates of the points of intersection of the tendon with the interfaces of these elements. The mathematical formulation is based on the expression for the virtual work of the forces exerted by the tendons on the remaining part of the shell, treated as a free body. Prestress losses during the tensioning operation in post-tensioned shells are taken into account. The potential of the method is demonstrated numerically.

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