Contributions to Books:

C.H. Liu, G. Hofstetter, H.A. Mang:
"A Comparison of Two Variational Formulations for Rubber-Like Materials";
in: "The Finite Element Method in the 1990's, A Book Dedicated to O.C. Zienkiewicz", CIMNE, Barcelona, 1991, 248 - 257.

English abstract:
Two different variational formulations for rubber-like materials within the framwork of the finite element method are breifly reviewed. The first formulation deals with the constraint of incompressible material behavior by means of Lagrange multipliers. The second one can be viewed as a Hu-Washizu variational principle valid for both compressible and nearly incompressible material behavior. Since for three-dimensional nonlinear analyses the efficiency of a finite element formulation strongly depends on the amount of cpu-time it is worthwhile to compare these two methods on the basis of a numerical study to show their advantages and disadvantages.

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