E. Haugeneder, P. Torzicky, H.A. Mang:
"Stress Analysis of a Detail of a Power Plant";
Finite Elemente News, 1 (1983), S. 36 - 42.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The topic of the stress analysis reported in this article is a detail of the boiler-house of the power plant 'KW-DUERNROHR' of the Verbundkraft GmbH Vienna, Austria. This power plant is equipped with either coal or gas firing and it will produce 405 MW. Siemens AG of Austria, being resoinsible for the construction of the power plant, developed a new concept for the erection of the R.C. boiler-house using construction procedures such as slip forming and lifting techniques. Essentialla, the boiler-house consists of a horizontal frame, the so-called 'head frame', which is supported by four plies. the boiler itself is hanging on the frame. It has a total height of 92 m and an operating weight of 47,000 kN.

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