Contributions to Proceedings:

C.H. Liu, D.-L. Chen, H.A. Mang, B. Weiss, R. Stickler:
"Numerical Verification of Stress Distribution ahead of Crack Tip for Finite-Width Center Crack Specimen";
in: "Proccedings of the 3rd International Conference on Localized Damage 94, Computer Aided Assessment and Control", Computational Mechanics Publications, Southampton, 1994, 359 - 366.

English abstract:
A force balance method, recently proposed for the calculation of geometric correction factors in conjunction with the stress intensity in finite-width specimens, assumed that the stress distribution ahead of the crack tip in a finite-width specimen has the same form as that in the corresponding infinitewidth plate, modified by a geometric correction factor. In this paper the assumption is numerically verified by means of the finite element method for a center cracked specimen in different loading configurations. Close agreement between the finite element results and the assumed stress distribution confirms the applicability of the derived geometric correction factors by the force balance method.

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