Z.S. Chen, H.A. Mang:
"Über ein Randelementeverfahren zur dreidimensionalen Berechnung des abgesenkten Grundwasserspiegels und der stationären Luftströmung in heterogenem, anisotropem Boden beim Tunnelvortrieb unter Druckluft";
Der Bauingenieur, 65 (1990), S. 523 - 532.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper reports on a direct boundary element method for iterative analysis of the lowered ground water table and the stationary air flow in porous soil tunnels driven under compressed air. The analysis is based on spatial potential flow. In general, the soil is heterogeneous. It may also be anisotropic. In this paper both possibilities are considered. Moreover, the compressibility of the air is taken into account. Large changes of shape of boundary elements may occur during the iteration. In order to reduce the danger of divergence resulting from such large changes of shape, the boundary element mesh must be suitably adapted during the itcration. If the compressibility of the air is neglected, the results for the excess air pressure and the flux of the air through the surface of the soil will be on the unsafe side. Therefore, the compressibility of the air should be considered.

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