C.H. Liu, J.-Y. Wong, H.A. Mang:
"Large Strain Finite Element Analysis of Sand: Model, Algorithm and Application to Numerical Simulation of Tire-Sand Interaction";
Computers and Structures, 74 (2000), 3; S. 253 - 265.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Based on a review of several existing models for the elastic response of geomaterials, a new nonlinear elastic law is suggested. A fully implicit return mapping algorithm for non-associative elastoplastic models of such materials is presented within the regime of large strains. This algoithm is formulated in the principal axes. Algorithmic tangent moduli are derived. A modified critical state model in comjunction with the new nonlinear elastic laws is implemented into the general purpose finite element software MARC, using the proposed algorithm. Furthermore, the tire-sand interaction is numerically simulated, employing the modified model and the algorithm.

Keywords: Finite Element, tire, Large Strain, Plasticity, Sand

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