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J. Sercombe, F.-J Ulm, H.A. Mang:
"Consistent Return Mapping Algorithms for Chemoplastic Models with Internal Couplings";
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 47 (2000), 75 - 100.

English abstract:
This paper discusses the algorithmic formulation of chemoplastic models with internal couplings. Developed within the framework of closed reactive porous continua, chemoplasticity allows for the introduction of the kinetics of a chemical reaction directly at the macro-level of material description. The resulting couplings (chemo-elastic, chemo-plastic) slightly complicate the integration of stresses at the material level, leading to chemoplastic hardening/softening. In this paper, the numerical investigation of stresses for this type of constitutive laws with chemomechanical (internal) couplings is presented. Based on the definition of return mapping algorithms for standard plasticity, a closest-point projection algorithm is developed, which preserves the quadratic rate of convergence of the Newton-Raphson iterative scheme. Examples are presented with an increasing degree of complexity: perfectly plastic behavior with chemical hardening for concrete at early ages, coupled creep-plastic behavior, plastic behavior with combined viscoplastic hardening/softening for concrete in high-rate dynamics.

Keywords: return mapping, chemoplasticity, internal couplings, kinetic law

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