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J. Sercombe, Ch. Hellmich, F.-J Ulm, H.A. Mang:
"Modeling of Early-Age Creep of Shotcrete. I: Model and Model Parameters";
Journal of Engineering Mechanics (ASCE), 126 (2000), 3; 284 - 291.

English abstract:
In this paper, creep and viscous flow are revisited from the standpoint of constitutive modelling of thermo-chemo-mechanical couplings in early-age concrete. Within the framework of closed reactive porous media, creep is modelled by means of two mechanisms : a stress-induced water movement within the macro-pores, and a relaxation mechanism in the micro-pores of cement gel, which both lead to aging effects on creep and viscous flow of concrete. As regards the first creep mechanism, aging results from chemo-mechanical couplings. Concerning the second mechanism, long-term aging is attributed to the relaxation of microprestresses in the micro-pores. Following the formulation of the model, the it is shown how the material parameters can be identified from creep tests performed at different ages of loading. Finally, the model is applied to shotcrete, for which proper experimental data are missing.

Keywords: concrete, shotcrete, creep, viscous flow, chemoplasticity, hardening, material modelling, structural behavior, tunnelling, visco-elasticity

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