B. Pichler, H.A. Mang:
"New Insights in Nonlinear Stability Analysis by the FEM";
CMES - Computer Modeling in Engineering and Sciences, 1 (2000), 3; S. 43 - 55.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In order to avoid a fully nonlinear analysis to obtain stability limits on nonlinear load-displacement paths, linear eigenvalue problems may be used to compute estimates of such limits. In this paper an asymptotic approach for assessment of the errors resulting from such estimates is presented. Based on the consistent linearization of the geometrically nonlinear static stability criterion -- the so-called consistently linearized eigenvalue problem -- higher-order estimation functions can be calculated. They are obtained from a scalar post-calculation performed after the solution of the eigenproblem. Different extensions of these higher-order estimation functions are presented. An ab initio criterion for the identification of the type of loss of stability (i.e., either bifurcation or limit-point buckling) is presented.

Keywords: imperfection sensitivity, imperfections, nonlinear stability analysis

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