Contributions to Proceedings:

J. Macht, Ch. Hellmich, H.A. Mang:
"Hybrid Analysis of Shotcrete Tunnel Shells in Squeezing Rock";
in: "CD-ROM Proceedings of the IASS-IACM 2000 4th International Colloquium on Computation of Shell and Spatial Structures", M. Papadrakakis (ed.); GRACM, NTUA, IASS, IACM, Chania, Greece, 2000.

English abstract:
A hybrid method, combining in-situ displacement measurements with a thermochemomechanical material law for shotcrete, is used for analyzing shotcrete tunnel shells in squeezing rock. The focus is on the structural behavior of shotcrete tunnel shells with longitudinal gaps containing buckling steel cylinders called Lining Stress Controllers.

Keywords: finite element method, shotcrete, thermochemoplasticity, hybrid analyses, squeezing rock, New Austrian Tunneling Method, lining stress controllers

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