Contributions to Proceedings:

P. Pivonka, R. Lackner, H.A. Mang:
"Numerical Analyses of Concrete Subjected to Triaxial Compressive Loading";
in: "CD-ROM Proceedings of the European Congress on Computational Mechanics in Applied Sciences and Engineering (ECCOMAS 2000)", CIMNE, Barcelona, 2000, 26.

English abstract:
This paper deals with numerical analyses of concrete subjected to triaxial compressive loading. For this purpose, two different 3D-constitutive models for concrete are considered. The Leon model, a single-surface plasticity model previously formulated by Etse and Willam (1996), is reformulated with respect to the ductility function for the description of ductile concrete behavior. This model accounts for the dependence of the concrete strength on the Lode angle. The second model is a multi-surface plasticity model consisting of three Rankine yield surfaces for the description of cracking of concrete and a Drucker-Prager yield surface for the description of compressive behavior of concrete. This model is reformulated to account for the dependence of both strength and ductility of concrete on confinement. Consideration of confinement is controlled by the major principal stress. The model behavior under different confinement levels is compared with experimental results reported in (Hurlbut, 1985). Within a finite element (FE) analysis of a pull-out test, the predictive capabilities of the models are investigated.

Keywords: concrete, Leon model, concept, confinement, fictitious crack, multi-surface plasticity, pull-out analysis, triaxal loading

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