J. Macht, Ch. Hellmich, R. Lackner, W. Schubert, H.A. Mang:
"Assessment of a Tunnel Support System for Squeezing Rock Conditions by Means of a Hybrid Method";
Felsbau, 18 (2000), 6; S. 9 - 15.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In case of tunneling in squeezing rock, relatively large displacements of the rock mass are recorded. In this case, the rigidity of conventional tunnel linings may cause considerable damage of the tunnel lining. As a remedy, already in 1972, longitudinal gaps were left in the linings in order to allow for relatively large circumferential displacements without damage of the shotcrete tunnel lining. In this case, the circumferential axial forces in the tunnel lining are transferred through shear forces at the interface of the shotcrete segments and the adjacent rock, which are connected by a dense grid of rock bolts. By installing steel damping elements in the longitudinal gaps, circumferential axial forces can be transferred over the gaps. In order to understand such a tunnel support system and to assess its functionality, a hybrid method for the quantification of stress states in shotcrete tunnel linings is applied.

Keywords: hybrid method, squeezing rock, Lining Stress Controlers

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