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F. Bensch, H. Böck, W. Prochazka:
"Sb-Be-Photoneutronenquellen als Startquellen in Forschungsreaktoren (Sb-Be photoneutron start-up sources for research reactors)";
Atomkernenergie, 15 (1970), 255 - 257.

English abstract:
The applicability of Sb-Be photoneutron start-up sources for research reactors is discussed. In particular, the optimum diameter ratio of a Sb rod and a Be tube for cylindrical sources has been calculated to guarantee high neutron emission. Such a start-up source has been used successfully during the last two years of operation of the TRIGA reactor of the Atominstitut.

Keywords: antimony, beryllium, cylinders, neutron sources, optimization, photoneutrons, startup, triga series

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