W. Prochazka:
"Conformal Mapping of the Unit Circle or of the Upper Half Plane onto a Polygon";
Computing, 31 (1983), S. 155 - 172.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The aim of this paper is to reduce the problem of conformal mapping onto a polygon and the inverse mapping problem to simple engineering exercises. In particular, both analytical and numerical methods are combined to eliminate the need for complicated mathematical analysis. A FORTRAN IV-program is presented which offers many conveniences to the user including graphic representation of the mapping. Finally, the results of 15 examples relating to quadrilaterals, pentagons and heptagons are given for reference. The high degree of accuracy of the calculated values, to about 10 significant digits, should be noted.

Keywords: conformal mapping, conformal transformation, FORTRAN IV-package, function theory, graphic representation, numerical methods, parameter problem, polygon, polygonal boundaries, Schwarz-Christoffel formula, Schwarz-Christoffel transformation, unit-circle, upper half plane

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