J. Sladek, V. Sladek, H.A. Mang:
"Meshless LBIE Formulations for Simply Supported and Clamped Plates under Dynamic Load";
Computers and Structures, 81 (2003), S. 1643 - 1651.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Simply supported and clamped thin elastic plates under dynamic loads are analyzed. Both harmonic and impact loads are considered. Viscous damping is taken into account. The governing partial differential equation (PDE) of fourth order is decomposed into two coupled PDEs of second order for the deflection and its Laplacian. Both equations contain time-dependent variables. The Laplace transform is used to eliminate the time dependence of the variables. Unknown Laplace transforms are computed from the local boundary integral equations. The meshless approximation based on the moving least square method is employed for the implementation. Time-dependent values are obtained by the Durbin inversion technique.

Keywords: local boundary integral equations, Laplace transformation, durbin inversion, MLS approximation, harmonic and impact load, circular and square plate

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