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J. Eberhardsteiner, P. Mackenzie-Helnwein:
"Biaxial Strength Tests for the Macroscopic Characterization of Clear Spruce Wood";
in: "CD-ROM Proceedings of the 16th ASCE Engineering Mechanics Conference", ASCE, 2003, 10 S.

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While the mechanical description of wood in traditional applications was mainly uniaxial (identified as either longitudinal direction L or perpendicular to grain directions R and T), a realistic characterization of stress states in modern wood based materials and even in and near joints in classical applications require a multi-axial mechanical description. A remarkable number of uniaxial tests are reported in the literature. Very little, though, is available for mixed modes of loading. This was the motivation for the design of a suitable test for wood subjected to arbitrary biaxial loading under plane stress conditions. Based on a series of approximately 450 individual tests, the mechanical behavior of clear spruce wood under multiaxial loading has been thoroughly investigated. In extension to common strength tests, the biaxial load-displacement behavior has been monitored. This enables the identification of both the pre-failure behavior and the failure location. The presentation will cover the basic layout of the experiment, an overview of the respective experimental observations, a brief discussion of characteristic tests, and a description of failure locations based on the obtained results and the failure criterion according to Tsai and Wu.

Wood, Biaxial, Strength, Test

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