C. Adam, D. Adam:
"Modeling of the dynamic load plate test with the light falling weight device";
Asian Journal of Civil Engineering, 4 (2003), 2 - 4; S. 73 - 89.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In this paper mechanical modeling of the dynamic load plate test with the Light Falling Weight Device (LFWD) is presented. The LFWD is employed on construction sites to verify the compaction degree of soil layers and to evaluate their bearing capacity. The mechanical models developed are intended to provide a simple and efficient formulation, which allows a large number of numerical simulations at low expenses. In the first instance the motion of the device is characterized by a mass-spring-dashpot system. Several one-dimensional linear and nonlinear representations of the soil are discussed and evaluated. Different phases of motion of the LFWD - soil interaction system are identified, and corresponding formulations of the equations of motion are given. In appendices efficient solution procedures of the governing equations of motion are proposed.

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