Contributions to Proceedings:

C. Adam, H. Irschik, F. Ziegler:
"Composite beam dynamics under conditions of inelastic interface slip";
in: "Solid Mechanics and its Applications", H.A. Mang, F. G. Rammerstorfer (ed.); issued by: IUTAM/IACM Symposium on Discretization Methods in Structural Mechanics; Kluwer Academic Press, 68, Dordrecht, 1999, (invited), ISBN: 0-7923-5591-1, 291 - 298.

English abstract:
The dynamic flexural behavior of symmetrically designed three-layer beams is analyzed under severe conditions of inelastic slip developments in the physical interfaces. Layerwise continuous and linear in-plane displacement fields are implemented, and as such, model both the global and the local inelastic response of laminate beams. By proper definition of an effective cross-sectional rotation the complex problem reduces to the simpler case of a homogenized shear-deformable beam, with effective stiffness and boundary conditions. Inelastic defects in the physical interfaces are equivalent to eigenstrains in an otherwise identical but elastic background structure of the homogenized beam with proper effective virgin stiffness. Mathematically, a multiple field approach in the elastic background results. Since the incremental response of the background is considered to be linear within a given time step, solution methods of the linear theory of flexural vibrations become applicable.

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