Contributions to Proceedings:

H. Irschik, C. Adam, R. Heuer, F. Ziegler:
"An exact solution for static shape control using piezoelectric actuation";
in: "Solid Mechanics and its Applications", Y.A. Bahei-El-Din, G.J. Dvorak (ed.); issued by: IUTAM Symposium on Transformation Problems in Composite and Active Materials; Kluwer Academic Press, 60, Dordrecht, 1998, ISBN: 0-7923-5122-3, 247 - 258.

English abstract:
Exact solutions for the static shape control of smart structures by piezoelectric actuation are derived. Skeletal structures that are assembled of beam- and truss-type members are considered. The desired deformation of the structural assemblage is exactly matched by means of piezoelectric actuators that are subjected to spatially non-uniform distributions of effective input voltages. The modeling of piezoelectric structures is based on eigenstrain analysis. Additionally, it is demonstrated how to actuate a structural system in order to enforce a desired deformation that is affine to a force-loaded structure with additional boundary constraints.

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