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D. Adam, C. Adam, F. Kopf:
"The dynamic load plate test with the Light Falling Weight Device: experimental and numerical investigations";
in: "Proceedings of The 11th International Conference on Soil Dynamics & Earthqhake Engineering and The 3rd International Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering", D. Doolin et al. (Hrg.); Stallion Press, 2004, ISBN: 981-05-0121-8, S. 649 - 654.

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In the present work the dynamic load plate test in form of the Light Falling Weight Device (LFWD) is evaluated by means of extensive in-situ experiments and numerical studies. The LFWD is an innovative field test method to determine the dynamic deformation modulus of soils and filled materials within earth structures and in ground engineering. The device is suitable to prove the compaction degree and to evaluate the bearing capacity of the tested layer.

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