Contributions to Proceedings:

C. Adam, F. Ziegler:
"Dynamics of friction damped braced frames with secondary structures";
in: "Proc. of Design Engineering Technical Conferences (DETC'99) - 17th Biennial Conference on Mechanical Vibration and Noise", ASME, 1999, Paper ID DECT99/VIB-8078, 11 pages.

English abstract:
The influence of light-weight secondary structures on the dynamic response of earthquake excited hysteretically damped shear frames with various elastic and inelastic substructure properties is studied numerically. The numerical procedure used in this paper is based on an iterative synthesis, where interface conditions as well as inelastic deformations are treated as additional fictitious loads and their intensities are updated in an iterative process. Acceleration response spectra of shear frames as well as floor response spectra are generated for various modal primary to secondary mass ratios. Also spectra of the standard deviation of primary and secondary accelerations are computed. Results, efficiently derived by the proposed method, are set in contrast to those derived by decoupled analyses to estimate their capability with respect to hysteretic structural behavior.

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