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R. Blab:
"Assessment of Mechanical Properties of Bitumen and Asphalt by Advanced Test Methods";
Vortrag: 8th Colloquium on Bitumen, Gozd Martuljek (eingeladen); 27.11.2003 - 28.11.2003; in: "8th Colloquium on Bitumen Proceedings", (2003), S. 13 - 22.

Kurzfassung englisch:
As roads are subjected to high traffic loads due to the strong growth in heavy vehicle traffic, new trends in the automobile and tyre industries, and higher maximum axle loads limits, the traditional binder and asphalt tests are often inadequate today for a reliable prediction of the engineering properties and in-service performance of road asphalts.
The scientific objectives and activities in the Christian Doppler Laboratory (CDL) that has been established at the institute for road construction and maintenance at the Vienna University of Technology (ISTU) are, on the one hand, the development and standardisation of performance-based test methods for bitumen and bituminous materials on the basis of effective mechanical characteristics. These may then be used, in a next step, for specifying the mix properties required to meet customised quality standards for materials defined in tender documents as well as for mix design. On the basis of findings from asphalt technology research, enhanced numerical methods are being developed for a reliable prediction of in-service performance, which, in combination with performance-based tests, will enable a simulation of load-induced stresses and mechanogenic effects on the road structure and thus improved forecasts of the in-service performance of flexible pavements over their entire service lives.

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